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Last updated 3:14 PM on 21 September 2017

'That Moment When...' Quakers Hill High School



Last week Quakers Hill High School saw the culmination of many hundreds of hours of writing, rehearsing, costuming and preparing in two remarkable performances of their home-grown musical 'That Moment When'.

This was the first full musical production for the school in over 5 years. A retelling of a classic fairy-tale, the co-writer & director Geoff Dacey says it tells a story of "what would it have been like if Cinderella went to Quakers Hill High School". The script was written by teachers Geoff Dacey and Christine Marin, and workshopped by the cast and presented a window into the minds of our students and the workings of daily school life.

Quakers Hill High School Principal, Lauretta Claus, said that "there is no doubt that parents and community members [would] leave our performance of this year's musical production in awe of the talent and creative skill that they will [have] witnessed".


The production was supported by the hard work of teachers Suzanne Walker and Melissa Lachevre and the Musical Team for 2017 consisting of Ellise Barratt, Bree Mutch, Launce Roma, Luke Cole, Bronwyn Tweeddale, Amy Nicholls, Georgina Willmet, Clarissa Ferreria, Ben Dawborn, Melissa Waddups, Alicia Amodeo and Laura Weatherburn.

Quakers Hill High School's 'That Moment When'