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Starting at Wyndham College

Information for Year 11 2016 enrolled at Wyndham College A reminder that Year 11 begins on Thursday 28th January 2016 at 8.00am. You are expected to be in full Wyndham College uniform on this day and be ready for classes. Your timetable for 2016 will be emailed to you on your school email address in the next week. You can also keep updated with the latest information by accessing the Wyndham College Facebook page. Please note that the uniform purchased at the uniform shop is the only uniform to be worn at the school. It is advised not to leave... Read more

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2016 Riverstone High Student Leaders

Riverstone High School's 2016 Student Leadership Team has just been announced: Captains: Allie and Brittney Vice Captians: Theodore and Madison Prefects: Soraya and Jessica Congratulations to all our new leaders.... Read more

2016 Captains from QHHS and Wyndham College

2016 QHHS Captains

Congratulations to the 2016 Quakers Hill High School Captains, Genesis Asuncion and Ben McDonell One of Genesis and Ben's first roles was to represent their school at the Young Leaders Day at NSW Parliament on Wednesday 18th November 2015. They attended the day with their Wyndham College counterparts, Kaitlyn and Jarod. Our young leaders gained a greater understanding of the responsibilities of leadership and the realities of political debate and decision making in the NSW Parliament. They returned inspired and ready to take on their... Read more

Ice Breaker Activities

SRC Camaraderie Day

The Nirimba Collegiate SRC all gathered together at Wyndham College on Thursday 29th October for the Collegiate SRC Camaraderie Day. The activities were all planned and run by the Captains of each school. During the first session, students got to know each other with a series of Ice Breaker activities led by the Wyndham SRC. After a break for recess, students were organised into teams and they commenced the second session - Boot Camp and Obstacle Course. Each of the activities challenged the students to apply their skills in teamwork,... Read more

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Orientation for Year 11 2016

On Wednesday 18th November 2015, Wyndham College will be holding an Orientation Day for students enrolling in Year 11 in 2016. Students will be expected to be at Wyndham from 8.30am to 2.30pm and to be in full school uniform of their current school. Students will be involved in various sessions throughout the day to prepare them for their start at Wyndham College Day 1, 2016. A photographer will be present on the day to take photos of each student to create their Student ID Card. Students will need to bring $10 with them on the day to pay for... Read more

2016 Wyndham College Captains

Congratulations to the 2016 Captains for Wyndham College: Kaitlyn Hockey Jarod Rockall We would like to thank Erin Brown and Christopher McRae, 2015 Captains for their hard work and great leadership over their 2 years at Wyndham. They have been great role models for all students.... Read more