Seven Hills

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is a dynamic middle high school catering to the needs of young adolescents. As a member of the Nirimba Collegiate, we specialise in the learning, welfare and social needs of students from Years 7-10. Our goal is to raise the expectations and standards of all students through a differentiated curriculum and an emphasis on literacy, numeracy, the practical application of technology and 8-Ways pedagogy.


Our vision is to provide a quality learning environment where the school community supports all students become successful, engaged learners and responsible citizens. This is achieved through:

  • the delivery of a relevant and challenging curriculum
  • the provision of extra curricula activities which promote talent, collaboration and a sense of community
  • quality teaching and learning based on current research and practices that respond to the goals for student learning
  • students having the knowledge, skills and understanding to benefit themselves, each other and the environment
  • students being creative and critical thinkers with the skills to maximise their learning
  • parents and community members being informed and involved, responsive and supportive.



Our vision is supported by our strategic directions of:

  1. Student learning, leadership and citizenship
  2. Professional practice
  3. School-community partnerships


As part of the Nirimba Collegiate Group, students who successfully complete the Year 10 Record of School Achievement at Seven Hills High School move into Wyndham College for Years 11 and 12.


To find out more about the teaching and learning programs and extracurricular activities offered at Seven Hills High School, click here to visit the school's website.