Platinum Club

What is the Platinum Club?

A program for students who have been identified as showing high academic aptitude and who have high educational aspirations.

Students will be encouraged, if ready, to undertake a University enhancement subject with WSU (Western Sydney University).

  • Platinum Club students work with a school-appointed mentor, who will assist the student in developing an Individualised Learning Plan, and who will offer the student support and guidance.
  • Platinum Club students will be encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities and, as part of their studies, visit environments that enhance their learning. They will be given the opportunity to interact with experts and advisors.
  • Platinum Club students require exciting and challenging learning experiences, with open ended tasks that involve multidisciplinary learning and high order thinking skills.
  • Students work at a fast pace with minimal repetition and have high expectations of themselves.


Platinum Club students

The Platinum Club students' program encompasses the Key Learning Areas of English, Mathematics, Humanities and Science with the students remaining in a discrete group for some or all of their tuition in these subjects (this depends on student choice).

However, it is important that students within the Program have the opportunity to socialise and learn with a larger cohort of students if they wish, therefore, they can undertake any of their studies within the main stream.

This is not an accelerated learning program.


Wyndham College recognises that highly capable students have particular learning requirements and expectations that need to be nurtured to ensure their potential is fully realised. The establishment of a Platinum Club Program has catered for these students in that it provides a supportive learning environment and a more challenging curriculum delivery that enriches and extends the students' learning.

Research has shown that gifted and talented students are best grouped together. (Rogers, Karen B. Re-Forming Gifted Education and Gross, Macleod and Pretorius. Gifted Students in Secondary Schools).



  • To meet the needs of a specific group of students who have been identified as showing high academic aptitude and who have high educational aspirations.
  • The Platinum Club Program will be committed to providing high achieving students with a fulfilling and challenging education that will allow them to develop their particular talents and areas of academic interest.



Platinum Club members will:


  • be more motivated and productive
  • complete their HSC with highly developed study skill set
  • have the opportunity to maximise their HSC potential.


What sort of student is suited to the program?

  • The Platinum Club Program is designed to benefit those students who have shown academic aptitude in one or more specific areas of the curriculum.
  • A Platinum Club member is not necessarily good at everything, but will show ability beyond that of most of his or her peers.
  • A Platinum Club member must be prepared to take on challenges, take risks with learning and be self-directed.
  • A Platinum Club member will be encouraged to develop areas of specific interest and to pursue independent learning in these areas.
  • A Platinum Club member displays skills in organisation, research and communication.
  • A Platinum Club member enjoys the emphasis on creativity, critical thinking and higher order thinking skills.
  • We all learn in different ways. Some of us may learn best through experimenting or doing, others may prefer to read or follow instructions. Some of us have highly creative minds and others are more analytical. Platinum Club members will be encouraged to learn in their preferred style.

What curriculum will Platinum Club students follow?

  • Our Platinum Club students follow the BOSTES Curriculum, but work presented is more intellectually challenging, ensuring deeper understanding, with improved problem solving and thinking skills.
  • The Platinum Club Program will allow students to progress through school with their age peers whilst ensuring they remain challenged with work appropriate to their abilities. Emphasis is placed on higher order level thinking, problem-solving and academic achievement.
  • Platinum Club students will be encouraged to become involved in a wide range of extra-curricular activities and events, including sports, academic competitions, performing arts, community service, leadership and public speaking.
  • Platinum Club members will remain together as a group in subjects offered in the Platinum Club subject line. The students' attitudes and achievement in each group will be monitored and re-assessed at the end of each semester.

In the Platinum Club Program, students will be encouraged to optimise their preferred thinking and learning style, while developing others.


How are students selected?

The selection process will use the results from the common collegiate Year 10 yearly exams.
In addition, students will be asked to complete an application form and present a portfolio of recent work to support their application. In producing the portfolio, students should reflect on their achievements, and choose items which illustrate their strengths and skills.
The portfolio might contain:


  • Certificates and awards
  • Examples of writing
  • Recent test results
  • Artwork or other creative work
  • Projects and assignments
  • Evidence of computer skills

Please note your Half Yearly AND Final Year 9 report MUST be included. Applicants must also forward a copy of their Year 10 Half Yearly report when it becomes available.


Expressions of interest

Places in the Platinum Club are limited and early application is advised. Application forms will be available from any of the Nirimba Collegiate campuses from Term 2 Week 7. Collegiate applications close on Friday 3rd August 2018.


Non- Collegiate students will be notified in Term 4 2018 if they have been successful in obtaining for entry to Platinum Club for Year 11.


Download the Platinum Club Brochure 2019 (pdf 326 KB)


Download Expression of Interest forms here:

Collegiate Application 2019 (pdf 180 KB)



Non Collegiate Applic 2019 (pdf 117 KB)Application form for Non-Collegiate students