Why choose Nirimba Collegiate?

Our multi campus collegiate offers a myriad of opportunities and benefits for all our students.
Our Year 7-10 Schools offer a caring and supportive learning community specialising in:
  • teaching and learning opportunities catering for students' individual learning styles and stages of development
  • literacy and numeracy programs targeting adolescent learnersSparking student interest in our world
  • learning support, welfare and student wellbeing programs designed to promote student welfare and personal growth for young teenagers
  • innovative educational, cultural and sporting programs to maximise student outcomes
  • a variety of extra curricular activities encouraging involvement by all students
  • strong emphasis on student leadership and civic responsibility
  • additional leadership opportunities for students, with Year 10 School Captains providing student leadership in each middle school
  • a range of technologies integrated into student learning opportunitiesProject based learning
  • acceleration programs allowing students to commence a Stage 6 course in Year 10
  • an effective and seamless transition program for students moving in to Stage 6, including "Taster Days" where Year 10 students learn about the courses offered for the HSC
  • continuous career preparation, planning and work site experience
Our senior campus offers a respectful, adult learning environment providing:
  • the largest number of HSC courses in the state
  • a differentiated and alternative curriculum - including a Platinum Club for aspirational students as well as options for alternate pathways
  • students with the opportunity to complete VET courses, either school based or through TAFE. A student's VET course will count towards their HSC accreditation and they will also receive Australian Qualifications Framework Certificate I, II or III depending on the course studied
  • access for students to TAFE and Western Sydney University - The College on-site at the Nirimba Education Precinct, including acceleration programs
  • Koori Pathways program linking indigenous students with post-school University and TAFE programs
  • a state of the art Trade School for Hospitality - Tradewynds CafeHospitality class


  • wellbeing programs designed specifically to support students managing the pressures of the HSC
  • teaching and learning opportunities designed to meet the needs of young adult learners
  • an opportunity for students to learn in a respectful, adult focused learning environment that creates confident, independent and community minded young adults
  • specialist advice on career pathways and University entrance requirements.
Students at Wyndham College