Pathways for Students

The Collegiate provides opportunities for students who demonstrate excellence in their learning to be accelerated through Stage 5, enabling them to commence their Stage 6 studies in Year 10. The benefit for these students is that they will have completed their HSC exam for one course by the end of Year 11, providing them with more time to devote to achieving the best results they can for the remainder of their HSC courses in Year 12.

Students in Year 11 are also provided with the opportunity to complete accelerated courses through Western Sydney University. This program allows students to complete a course at WSU while they continue to study for their HSC. Successful completion of the course provides advanced standing for students if they choose to continue their studies at WSU upon completion of their HSC.


Collegiate Activities

Students benefit from the increased opportunities for participation in a range of activities as a result of being a member of the Collegiate. This includes Collegiate SRC Days and the Collegiate Ski Trip.

Collegiate SRC Days

Each of our Collegiate schools has an active SRC, providing opportunities for student leadership and collaboration. Each SRC works to make a difference in their school. In addition, as a member of the Nirimba Collegiate, the SRC have an opportunity to work together to plan, organise and run Collegiate SRC activities. The benefits to students include the opportunity to work closely with other student leaders, develop networking and communication skills, and the opportunity to work collaboratively to develop solutions and create opportunities.Collegiate SRC Day - Blindfold Maze


The images from the 2015 SRC Collegiate Camaraderie Day can be found in the Gallery.

Increased Professional Learning Capabilities

Students benefit from staff working together across the Collegiate to take advantage of professional learning opportunities and the sharing of ideas and resources.