Studying for the HSC

The Higher School Certificate is an accreditation issued by the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES). To be awarded the HSC, students must meet the eligibility requirements, which includes attendance at school, completion of classwork, homework and assessment tasks set by the school to demonstrate achievement of the outcomes of each course.



Assessment tasks also contribute to a student's HSC mark. For each course, 50% of the HSC mark is determined by the school Assessment completed throughout Year 12 and 50% is from the HSC Examination/s for the course. Thus, a consistent effort throughout Year 12 is the best way to achieve a good HSC result.


Specific information about preparing for the HSC Examinations, HSC Student Rules and Responsibilities and Advice for students studying for the 2016 HSC can be found on the BOSTES Students Online website.


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